Home Remedies to cure constipation in cats

Can you see loss of appetite in your cat? Is it feeling painful to pass stool or feeling abdominal bloating, pain and cramps? All these symptoms are a signal that your cat is having the problem of constipation.  Luckily, there are many effectual home remedies that can cure constipation in cats and decrease the discomfort related to this. Constipation occurs when waste becomes blocked inside the colon, which if not removed can stay inside it for long. This may result in creating harmful bacteria and toxins leaking into its body and causing many other health problems. Constipation may be a result of a wrong diet also. Low fiber diet and insufficient intake of water combined with stationary lifestyle are few of the basic causes of this disease. 

To prevent constipation in your cat, you must ensure that it eats healthily.  Therefore, feeding it with a balanced diet becomes one of the most important and effective home remedies to cure constipation. An idle way to ensure its intake of good diet is through raw food rather than the processed one. Initially, avoiding dry food would be good as it contains less moisture. Using olive oil in your cat’s food twice a week would help in maintaining regular bowel movements. This will also keep its fur glossy.

To help soften the stool and bring some relief, half teaspoon wheat bran or one teaspoon canned pumpkin can also be put in the food providing additional fiber. Green oats and psyllium husk also give similar results and by feeding probiotics, it will help to balance consistency of stool. Provide sufficient and fresh drinking water to your cat every time. Some cats don’t intake fluorinated water, so in that case, give them bottled or filtered water. Forcing a cat to drink water is not possible and for this you can simply pour water on the food only; soak the food in it completely as it becomes less appetizing then. With these remedies, you can surely lessen your cat’s constipation and provide it relief.






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